Difference between Trademark Registration vs Company Registration

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Some basic elements in business haunt the entrepreneurs and one such is Trademark Registration Vs Company Registration. In general, Trademark is a subset of the Company act, and it is applicable for the one who needs to protect its company’s brand, logo image, symbols, and others.

Whereas, in Company Registration, the one must run the business. To know more, let’s see every minute detail and the major differences between the two, we will read this article.

What does Trademark Registration in India mean?

Trademark is the best way to give uniqueness to the business and to distinguish from competitors. Moreover, if any infringement or violation of copyright happens, then one can sue another as per the act. In short, Trademark registration secures intellectual property and it covers many elements that symbolize the business such as name, logo, design, and others.

Once you receive the Trademark, then you can sue anybody in the court who violates the Trademark act. Make sure that the validity of the Trademark is for 10 years and thereafter, you will have to renew it again.

Trademark is an optional feature but it gives you the right to secure your company’s brand, logo, or any other design that reflects your business, and also it allows the consumers to distinguish your company from others easily. There are several Advantages of Trademark Registration, you can also learn about the difference between trademark and patent at – Difference between patent and trademark registration

What does Company Registration in India mean?

Company Registration gives the legal identity to a business involving the transaction of money and ownership of a business. The Registration and other business-related guidelines are formulated in the companies act 2013.

A company can have multiple branches for different products and services and for each one a separate Trademark can be obtained. Moreover, company Registration enables an entrepreneur to run the business activities in a legit manner. There are multiple Company Formation Types, offering you different kinds of advantages.

Learn the Difference between Trademark Registration vs Company Registration

  • Company Registration and business-related laws and policies are framed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the officials won’t register multiple businesses on the same name. But there is a high possibility that the name of a company can be used by others if the Trademark is not registered. In short, company registration secures the business from other competitors but not the name or brands. For instance, XYZ technology private Ltd has registered under the companies act 2013, then another company of the same name cannot be registered, but the name, i.e., XYZ technology can be used as a brand by others.
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  • Trademark gives uniqueness to a business and the consumers easily get attracted to the same, however for the same business there are many companies and there is tough competition, so it is quite hard to attract the consumers.
  •  Trademark just gives a different entity to a business and that could be in any form such as symbol, design, logo, name, or others. But in company registration, a word or set of words is valid that gives the identity to a business.

Bottom Line

These are the basic differences between Trademark Registration vs Company Registration. A company registration enables you to carry out the business but a trademark gives the identity to a business and also it gives you the right over the infringement cases. A trademark not only acts as a catalyst to your business but also gives tough competition to other competitors in a market.

Nowadays, Trademark registration online is quite an easy and fast process. To Register Trademark in India, you need some legal documents and a basic fee. But the steps aren’t simple to follow by yourself. You need an experienced Company Registration Consultant or a professional online registrar.

Difference between Trademark ™ and Registered Trademark symbol®

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