FSSAI License for Transporters in India

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Food transporters assist in the transmission of food products from the manufacturing unit to the point of consumption. As a result, all types of transport business operators must now get an FSSAI license, even if they use third-party transport services to carry food goods from one site to another. Thus, This article presents you with an in-depth guide for FSSAI License for Transporters in India.

What is Transporting Activity as per FSSAI?

  • Transportation is an activity of transporting food products (both packed and bulk) from one location to another in vehicles/containers including specialized vehicles like insulated refrigerated van/wagons, oil/milk tankers including Food Trucks.
  • Under the Food safety and standard Act, 2006 (FSSAI act) one cannot deal in the activity of transporting and trading of food products without an FSSAI License.

Why is FSSAI Registration or FSSAI License for Transporters in India Mandatory?

All transporters involved in the transportation of food from one location to another must obtain an FSSAI license. This is necessary to ensure that safe food handling practices are being followed and to obtain all necessary certifications. To obtain a food transport license, food transporters must follow strict safety regulations. This not only helps to develop appropriate hygiene standards but also ensures compliance in the workplace. Furthermore, Only once the GAP audit has been completed. Also, a standardized transportation level has been implemented can the Transporter transfer the goods from the manufacturer’s storeroom or warehouses. This enables the FBO to comply with FSSAI guidelines while also preserving documentation of their vetting.

Criteria for getting FSSAI registration/ FSSAI License for Transporters

Criteria for getting FSSAI registration or FSSAI License for Transporters in India is as follows
Turnover Capacity FSSAI Central License State License FSSAI FSSAI Basic License
Transporters More than 100 Vehicles and Turnover more than Rs. 30 Crores per annum Up to 100 Vehicles and Turnover up to Rs. 30 Crores per annum Single Vehicle and Turnover up to Rs. 12 Lacs per annum

What are the major components of the FSSAI License for Transporters?

An FSSAI license is required even for a transporter who is in the trade of transferring food items from one location to the other. This license is made up of three primary parts:

  • Firstly, Transport infrastructure, which includes trucks, airports, ships, and train service.
  • Food handling technology, as well as different storage, warehousing, and refrigeration standards
  • Lastly, Adequate supply and logistics are based on demand and varying requirements.

The Major Benefits of FSSAI Registration 

  • Obtaining a license can bring legal privileges, develop respect, assure food safety, raise customer awareness, and aid in commercial expansion for a food business. It also aids in the regulation of import food manufacturing, storage, distribution, and sale. When a Food Transporter is registered with the FSSAI, it is simple to raise funding from investors.
  • Furthermore,  The FSSAI license assists the Food Businesses in establishing a dependable and loyal client base by demonstrating that the firm complies with all applicable food safety regulations.

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How to apply for Food License for Transporters in India

To begin, it’s crucial to realize that if you’re a transporter, you only need one license to operate, and one license will cover all of the vehicles you employ for a single organization. After that, decide whether you want to apply for a registration or a license.

  • Firstly, Appropriate data, as well as the location of the company premises, i.e. whether it is located at the airport or seaport of specified cities, as well as the states in which it is located, must be filled out.
  • Secondly, A separate license is also necessary for each site if a company operates from numerous locations. If your company works in many states, you’ll need a central license as well as a license for each one.
  • Similarly, Select the type of business and the qualifying criteria, such as the turnover or capacity, that will be used to determine eligibility for that category.
  • Next, For a State or Central FSSAI license, the Transporter must choose the sort of business he or she would be conducting.
  • Following that, a form will display, asking for pertinent company information to be filled out. This form must be filled out extremely carefully, with just the general names being filled out. Also, according to the FSSAI Act of 2006, the food goods specified must be authorized.
  • Finally, you must pay on the payment page, and FSSAI inspectors may request further information or papers to confirm that you have the essential facilities to satisfy the FSSAI requirements.

This approach may be lengthy, so you can contact our business advisors to assure that a Food License is obtained quickly. After obtaining this license, the operators may operate freely and guarantee that the product reaches the end customer, completing the chain.

The Benefits Of FSSAI Registration For Traders

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