GST Rate on Real Estate

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As we know the Real Estate sector is one of the major divisions of any economy. Real estate is known as a property consisting of land and the buildings on it, with its hereditary resources such as crops, minerals or water under the property of this nature. An interest conferred in this an item of real property, buildings or housing In this article, we will discuss GST Rate on Real Estate and also the significance of GST Registration.

Before understanding the GST on Real Estate, now you require assuring some facts about the GST (Goods and Services tax).

Understand About GST

GST is a prominent Indirect Tax that has pertained to the trade, production, and consumption of goods and services over the nation. It is a distinct tax standard for the number of goods from the operative to the user. GST is suitable only for an objective extension at each stage. However, GST registration is compulsory for registering on the Real Estate sector.

GST Rate on Real Estate

GST on Real Estate varies on different stages – 

  • GST to be censured at 5% without Input Tax Credit (ITC) on residential properties that are not portion of the affordable housing segment.
  • GST to be censured at 1% without ITC on residential properties that are contained in the accessible housing segment.
  • GST on real estate in action of under construction properties is 12%.
  • Also, GST does not relate to sale of completed properties.

Advantages of the GST Rate on Real Estate Residential Properties

  • Simpler tax structure directing to greater compliance from builders.
  • Fair payment of property for buyer due to GST rate deduction to 1% on residential properties in the inexpensive housing segment.
  • The problem of ITC advantages not getting ratified to property buyers is eliminated. Hence, concern of buyers gets protected.
  • Reasonable pricing of residential properties as the problem of unusual ITC being expanded to project cost is eliminated.

SAC Code applicable to Real Estate

The following SAC (Service Accounting Code) has been built for the different Real Estate in India.

  • SAC Code 9972– Real Estate Services
  • SAC Code 99722– Real estate services on a fee/commission purpose or contract purpose
  • SAC Code 997221– Property surveillance services on a fee/commission basis or contract basis
  • SAC Code 997222- Building sales on a fee/commission purpose or contract purposes.

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