GST registration for a foreign company in India

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Foreigners and non-resident Indians (NRIs) are drawn to India because of the country’s commercial opportunities. If you’re a non-resident and plan on selling goods or services, whether, for a short or long period of time, you’ll need to register for GST (Goods and Service Tax). Additionally, the non-resident taxable person is required to nominate someone in India to take care of their GST obligations. In this article, you will understand GST Registration for a Foreign Company in India.

What is the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

The Goods and Services Tax Act was passed by the Indian government to merge several tax liabilities, such as Service Tax, VAT, Luxury Tax, Amusement Tax, and others, into a single, unified system. Non-resident Indians who participate in transactions relating to services and products should register as taxable individuals under the GST. The introduction of the Goods and Services Tax Act has made it simpler to do business. The GST has streamlined taxation by consolidating a number of taxes into a single, simple system.

GST Registration for Foreigners

It is mandatory to register for GST if you are a non-resident taxpayer and you make taxable supplies in India. Non-resident Indians are keen to set up enterprises in India as the country’s economy continues to grow. Thus, Non-residents must register for GST if they participate in transactions that include the provision of goods or services, or both.

Furthermore, non-resident taxpayers must conform to all of the provisions of the Goods and Service Tax Act for those who reside outside India. Those who aren’t citizens of India must choose a representative in India to handle their tax obligations such as GST Return Filing.

GST Registration is required five days prior to the commencement of the business for foreign nationals.

Document required for a foreign company in India

What are the eligibility criteria for GST Registration for a Foreign Company?

  • No matter how much annual turnover is, a non-resident taxable person in India is required to register for GST.
  • It is important to note that all non-resident taxpayers must register for GST five days prior to the commencement of their business.
  • There should be an emphasis on the fact that a non-resident Indian (NRI) cannot utilize the composition scheme’s tax payment option.
  • You must also have GST Registration in India if you operate outside of the nation and sell taxable products and services.

Which application form is to be used for GST Registration for a Foreign Company?

Form GST REG-09 and accompanying documentation must be submitted by all non-resident taxable people applying for GST registration.

Important Note: If the competent authority is pleased with the information submitted by the non-resident taxable individuals, he will issue a certificate of registration. A person residing in India with a valid PAN number must sign the registration application.

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What is the validity of GST Registration for a Foreign Company?

GST Registration for a Foreign Company is valid for the period as requested in the successful application. Foreign Companies can easily extend the validity of GST Registration by submitting required information and forms. Applications for Non-Resident Taxable Persons must be submitted before the expiration of their registration certificate.

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