How to add Additional place of Business in GST Registration

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With the business expansion, you may open new offices or manufacturing plants. Furthermore, you might also need to explore other marketplaces. However, to do so or for other purposes, you might need to add an additional place of business in all legal registrations. GST Registration is one of the popular and major indirect tax systems in India. If you are applying for GST Registration or have it, you must know how to add an additional place of business in GST Registration. This article discusses the detailed procedure on how to add additional place of business in GST Registration.

What is GST?

The GST (goods and services tax) is an indirect type of tax. It applies to both goods and services. It’s an indirect tax that you have to collect from customers when you sell your goods or services, and then submit it to the government.

When your annual revenue reaches INR 40/20 lakh, if you offer products and services over state lines or through an e-commerce platform, you must register for GST.

In India, there are four different types of GST registration. Tax rates range from 0% to 28%, depending on the sort of products and services you offer.

Why is GST Registration important?

State taxes such as VAT,  Luxury Tax, and Purchase Tax were replaced by the GST (Goods and Service Tax). Furthermore, Several central taxes, including customs duty, central excise duty, and service tax, were also replaced.

Therefore, it is important for each taxable entity to register under GST as it helps in recognizing the business entity, paying taxes, and availing several other benefits.

Failure to register under GST may result in severe punishments, such as a fine equal to 10% of the tax avoided or Rs.10,000, whichever is larger. If a person fails to register on purpose and is caught by authorities as a fraud, the penalty might be as much as 100 percent of the tax amount avoided.

What is an additional place of business in GST Registration?

GST Registration depends on geography. Therefore, the supplier must register in each state because GST registration is PAN-based and state-specific. So, a company with several locations in different states must register separately in each state.

Furthermore, A company with many locations in the same state, on the other hand, can designate one location as the primary location and the others as secondary locations. Also, Some firms add new locations to their business list to meet the expansion.

So, The GST law mandates that taxpayers report such changes and additions to the GST system. This is known as an additional place of business in GST Registration.

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Complete Procedure on How to add additional place of business in GST Registration

The complete procedure to add additional place of business in GST Registration is as follows.

  • Visit the official GST Portal.
  • Go to the Services Tab.
  • Click on the Registration button and then choose the Amendment of Registration Core Fields.
  • Choose the Additional Place of business in the various tabs that appear.
  • Add the requested information to the ‘Additional location of the business in GST’ tile. The following are the essential details for changing your GST address:
    • The reason behind the change
    • Date of the modification
  • Add the ‘Details of Additional Places of Your Business’ by clicking the ‘Add new’ button.
  • Select the verification checkbox, the name of the authorized signature from the drop-down list, and the location of signing the application to complete the verification procedure. This application must be electronically signed using Digital Signature Certificate.

Important Note: You as a taxpayer can add up to 500 additional places of business in GST Registration.

What are the Documents required to add an additional place of business in GST Registration?

For all additional places of business, there is no need to attach documented verification of the nature of possession of premises. As a result, the applicant just has to give the following information:

  • Information about a different location
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  • The type of commercial activity that takes place on the premises

Benefits of Virtual Office for GST Registration

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