How to Apply for Food License in India

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For the food Licence in India, FSSAI Registration is mandatory for every individual or businesses. Maintaining the food quality levels to assure safety and rendering satisfaction to every customer is the objective of every Food Business Operator. Also, the food safety and standards authority of India plays an important role in formulating the regulating methods. In this article, we will explain How to Apply for Food License in India.

Comprehensive about FSSAI

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India handles all matters that deal with the food industry in the country. For a food business that wants to operate in India, having the FSSAI license is mandatory.

According to the Food Safety And Standards Act, 2006, “any person desirous to commence or carry on any food business shall make an application for grant of a license to the Designated Officer in such manner containing such particulars and fees as may be specified by regulations.”

The FSSAI is a governmental organization that is part of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. A business has to obtain a 14-digit FSSAI number printed on the package. It ensures the food is safe for consumption.

Why is FSSAI registration significant for any business?

For any food business to operate, FSSAI registration is compulsory. Besides, ISO Certification for the Manufacturing Business is also essential.

Food quality is a delicate topic in the country because it can adversely affect the health of the individual. Nowadays, the government has implemented strict rules regarding food businesses.

As the owner of a food business establishment, the individual must ensure their food products are safe for consumption. During the time of registration, verification is done.

Why the food license is essential?

Once the food license is obtained, it makes it easier for the food business firm to commence operations. Any firm with an annual turnover of more than INR12 lakhs must have the FSSAI food license.

The food operator must not want to take any chance with the health of those consuming the food. Besides, trust must be developed with the consumers so that they purchase or buy the product often.

Unless the food is safe and free of chemicals, then how can consumers have faith in the product? Having the FSSAI license protects the food business from issues related to any false accusations of health.

Obtaining the food license must be taken seriously and commenced, as quickly as possible without delays. It is good, it is right, it is beneficial for both the manufacturer and the consumer. Besides, the reliability of the firm increases among consumers.

How to Apply for Food License in India

There are three types of license, namely:

  • Basic registration
  • State food license
  • Central food license

Procedure for basic registration

The following forms have to be submitted online for FSSAI registration.

  1. An active phone number with an email id filled in form A.
  2. The accurate details of the business name.
  3. A unique number is issued by the system for use henceforth.
  4. The payment made online or demand draft.

Procedure for central license application

  1. For doing operations in different states, accurate data to filled in Form B.
  2. The generic names have to be written on the form.
  3. New products added by choosing the food category.
  4. The number of years written for obtaining the FSSAI license.
  5. Food production has to fall under the FSS Act, 2006.
  6. The form can be submitted by applying the electronic signature or downloading the form and submitting offline.
  7. The accurate number of years of business for the FSSAI license should be mentioned.

Procedure for state license application

  1. The business can apply for food business in a particular state through form B.
  2. The procedure is the same as the above.

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