How to check GST registration by company name?

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GST Registration is an important concept for every business in India and in availing input tax credit, enrolling under government schemes, and much more. However, the process of GST registration in India is completely online and businesses also need to do GST return filing online. After applying for the application, you get the GSTIN which shows your enrollment under GST. There can be several occasions where you might need to check GST Registration by Company Name. Thus, In this article, we will read how to check GST registration by company name.

What is GST Registration?

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. It is an indirect tax launched in 2017.

GST Registration means applying for GST or enrolling under GST Taxation System. It is mandatory to enroll under GST in the following cases:

  • Businesses having an annual turnover of more than Rs. 40 Lakhs and Rs. 20 Lakhs in special category states.
  • You must register for GST online before launching a business if you offer goods or services at events or exhibits if you do not have a fixed location. A merchant in this situation must pay GST based on a 90-day anticipated turnover. A casual GST registration is valid for 90 days.
  • NRI Entrepreneurs or Foreign Companies starting or having a business in India also need GST Registration.
  • Businesses who want to carry forward the benefit of input tax credit or who require to pay taxes under reverse charge mechanism must also get GST Registration.
  • Every e-commerce portal above or below the threshold limit must enroll under GST.

What is GSTIN or GST Number?

GSTIN is a unique 15-digit number that you get after successful GST Registration. The GSTIN contains all the necessary information about your business as per GST Records. The basic structure of GSTIN is as follows.

  • The first two digits are the state code.
  • The next ten digits are of the PAN card of the business or an individual.
  • Again, the next digit is the registration number within the state.
  • Lastly, the left two spaces are either alphabets or numbers.

How to check GST Registration by Company Name?

check GST Registration by Company Name

To search GST Registration by GSTIN, you can follow the steps below:

  • Visit GST by the name search tool
  • Type the name of the company, person, or firm
  • Click on the search button
  • Add state name to search within a state

Documents required for GST Registration

  • PAN Card of the Business Entity or Applicant in case of Individual firm or business
  • Identity and Address Proof of all the stakeholders
  • Address Proof of Business Premises
  • Bank Account Details
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Advantages of Checking GST Registration by Name

Below are the best ones that you should know are as follows:

  • You can easily check the vendor’s name if it is unclear on the handwritten invoice.
  • You can protect your company from being associated with unscrupulous sellers that use false GSTINs.
  • As a consumer, you may check to see if the company charging you GST is indeed a registered GST provider.
  • Avoid being a victim of the GSTIN scam.
  • Assist your company in correcting any potential GSTIN problems.
  • As a consumer, you may check a company’s authenticity.
  • As a dealer, you may use the GSTIN search to double-check the GST number before doing GST Return Filing, preventing any potential mistakes.

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