How to Create a Pitch Deck for Investors

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The process of raising capital has always been challenging, and lately it has become more difficult. The best way to get their attention is a pitch deck. This article will provide you with some useful tips on how to create a pitch deck for investors.

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is a brief presentation that entrepreneurs use to give investors an overview of their business. ] It is usually presented to potential investors, customers, or partners, and is meant to generate interest and secure funding.

A pitch deck typically includes an overview of your business, your business model, your target market, your competitive landscape, your team, your financial projections, and your ask (i.e. how much funding you’re seeking). It should be concise, visually appealing, and easy to understand.

Creating a strong pitch deck is essential to raising capital and growing your business. If you’re looking to raise money for your business, a pitch deck is a must-have.

Procedure to Create a Pitch Deck for Investors

A pitch deck has various slides and information. It is a very good idea to have a comprehensive pitch deck. Therefore, you must remember the following key points in your mind while creating a pitch deck for investors:

  • The goal of your Pitch Deck
  • Determine a story you want to tell
  • Write a pitch deck that’s full of solid data
  • What Business Model are you using?
  • Helping tools for creating a Pitch Deck

tasks_2021_2xThe goal of a  Pitch Deck

The goal of a  pitch deck is to get the attention of investors and make them feel the need that they want to meet with you. Why would they want to meet with you? Because you’re going to make them a lot of money! However, you also should specify your business goals so that they can understand whether they resonate with your purpose or not.

tasks_2021_2xDetermine a story you want to tell

Investors are way more interested in the story behind the numbers, however, that does not mean they do not care about the numbers. You need to understand the why behind the data. Even investors who are total numbers-driven will respond to a presentation that is packed with compelling stories. For example, the way your product has saved time, money, and effort for its consumers.

tasks_2021_2xWrite a pitch deck that’s full of solid data

If you want to get the kind of funding you need to succeed, you’re going to need a pitch deck that’s full of solid data and compelling statistics. And, in order to pull that off, you’re going to have to do your homework. It’s best to consult a CA or hire an Virtual CFO that can help you prepare data and provide you necessary guidance on how to present it.

tasks_2021_2xProblem and Solution

A  pitch deck needs to represent the problem in the market. It should also show the way that your product or service solves the problem that you are representing. A pitch deck must give an explanation of your product and how it works, and it should display the impact of your product on the market.

tasks_2021_2xWhat Business Model are you using?

As a startup, a business model is one of the most important things to understand the working of your business. Explaining your business model to investors and potential customers will be much easier if you can break down your business model into simple, easy-to-understand diagrams. No matter what size business you are, you need to explain your business model to the investors.

Procedure to Create a Pitch Deck for Investors

Useful Tools for Creating a Pitch Deck

There are a number of tools available in the market that you can use to create a pitch deck for your startup. Here is the list of a few tools that you can use:

Canva: Canva is a really beginner-friendly tool that comes with pre-designed templates for a pitch deck and combining these templates with its customizable canvases allows you to create the best pitch deck for startups.

Keynote: It is basically a PowerPoint for Apple which has a very intuitive interface. It also contains a professional pre-designed template that will let you create an ideal pitch deck.

Haiku Deck: It is a mobile software that allows you to create a pitch deck and provides you with the same functionality as PowerPoint but this application is only available on IOS Devices.

Visme: Visme is an excellent tool for creating a pitch deck. It allows you to create visual reports with infographics that are simple to apply to your pitch deck.

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The above-mentioned are some of the essential things to use to create a pitch deck for investors. If you really want to make an attractive pitch and that too with solid data, it’s best to work along with experienced pitch deck designers.

What is the importance of pitch deck for investors in India?

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