Procedure to Import Cosmetic Products in India

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India’s cosmetics market is nearly twice as large as those in the United States and Europe, and it is growing at an exponential rate. Because of the industry’s expansion, India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has mandated that all items imported into the country must have a mandatory registration certificate. Consequently, whether you are starting or have already started a cosmetic importing business in India, you must adhere to a set of fundamental procedures for the Import of Cosmetic Products in India. In this article, you will understand the Procedure to Import Cosmetic Products in India.

Eligibility to Import cosmetic products in India

The following are eligible to import cosmetic products in India

  • The company that makes the product.
  • A person who is authorized by the company to sell its products.
  • Any other importer or subsidiary agent of the company.

Procedure to Import Cosmetic Products in India

Under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India, the Central Drug Standards Controller (CDSC) is responsible for registering all imported cosmetics. So, the importer needs to make an application for CDSCO Registration to CDSC.

Thus, you must file the Form COS-5 for Registration and submit it online through an official government website, along with the applicable fee and the required documents.

Document Requirement for CDSCO Registration

  • Basic details such as the identity, address, and phone number of the manufacturer as well as the full address of the production facility.
  • Import Export Code or IEC Code.
  • Ad Code Registration
  • A receipt proving that the registration payments have been paid.
  • The company logo design, the date of manufacturing, and the physical description of the cosmetic that you will import in India.
  • Details of the production licenses, registrations, and marketing authorizations issued by the regulatory authorities in the country of production, under which cosmetics are created and subsequently marketed within the nation. Most cosmetic products generally have US FDA Certification.
  • A group of nations where that cosmetic product is authorized for import.
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  • Foreign terminology for ingredients, together with the product’s proportion of each constituent.
  • Product specifications and procedures of evaluation.
  • A representative sample of the label.
  • The date and location where the product is now being marketed in India.
  • When the cargo is cleared at the port office, an undertaking must be presented to the relevant port office. It should include a statement from the manufacturer, the product has not been tested on animals since December 11, 2014, or afterward.

Thus, Importers of cosmetics must follow the registration process step by step and include all required documentation with their registration application in order to avoid any delays or errors in the application.

Major Import and Export Ports in India

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