Trademark Registration for Insurance and Financial Services: Trademark Class 36

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As we know, a trademark is necessary and advantageous for any company in multiple ways. For instance, Getting a trademark registration will set your company apart from your rivals, particularly if you are new to the industry. In this article, we will discuss Trademark Registration for Insurance and Financial Services: Trademark Class 36.

Understand Trademarks

A trademark is a significant symbol that represents your company and aids your customers in distinguishing you from your competitor.  Trademarks are similar to the branding of a company.

Therefore, You can register a word or a combination of words, letters, numerals, sketches, symbols, three-dimensional features like the form and packaging of products, and non-visible signs like sounds, fragrances, or color hue, among other items, in trademark registration.

Recognize the Value of Trademarks

The following are some of the many advantages of trademark registration.

  • They assist in the growth of brand awareness.
  • It assists in the prevention of future legal concerns.
  • A company’s most important asset can be its trademark registration.
  • To protect the organization’s brand name, a company or association must register a trademark and demonstrate ownership of trademark rights.
  • Once a trademark is licensed, the owner will have exclusive rights to use, sell, or distribute it.
  • In addition, It makes it easy for your customers to find and remember your goods.

Trademark Classes

There are many different forms of trademark classifications.

This list includes 45 distinct types of trademarks that are differentiated based on the goods and services nature. Moreover, there are nearly eighty thousand goods and services that are classified into various parts.

Know about the complete list of 45 Trademark Classes.

Trademark Class 36: Financial and Real Estate

Insurance, financial relations, monetary affairs, and real estate affairs are all covered by Trademark Class 36.

Trademark Class 36 contains multiple services, for instance, Services provided by all banking establishments or institutions linked to them, such as exchange brokers or clearing services.

Moreover, Services offered by credit institutions other than banks, such as mutual credit unions, individual financial firms, lenders, brokers’ services, trade-in stocks, real estate, etc., also pertain to Trademark Class 36.

Services in Trademark Class 36

  • debt consulting services
  • Finance for building projects by electronic funds transfer, money factoring, and electronic funds transfer.
  • [Insurance, finance, and real estate] financial analysis
  • control of finances
  • economic evaluation
  • credit consulting services
  • real estate leasing
  • Farms leasing and loans services
  • Loans for life insurance underwriting [financial aid]
  • mortgage banking mutual funds maritime insurance underwriting

What should not be classified as a trademark in Trademark Class 36?

Engineering assessments and evaluations that are not directly related to a commercial or industrial enterprise’s operation or management. Any other products or services which are classified under other trademark classes.

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