Trademark Registration for Chemical Goods: Trademark Class 1

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As we know, Trademark registration privileges businesses to claim ownership on their unique brand name and protects against misuse and infringement around the world. With the trademark registration, one can surely promote business brand hassle-free and claim rights. Trademark Application is classified under 45 different classes which are based on the nature of the business activity.

In this article, we will discuss Trademark Class 1 which relates to the business of chemical-related goods and products.

A Basic about Trademark 

A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of an appropriate source from those of others, although, with a unique Trademark, customers can easily identify your products or services among various competitors’ products. 

Significance of Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration is mandatory for many reasons such as –

  • A unique Brand logo is the most valuable asset of any business.
  • The customers can swiftly recognise your product or services easily.
  • Protect your brand logo from misuse or duplication by others.
  • Also, make your business, products and services stand out.

Trademark Classes

Trademark registration consists of 45 classes which are based on the nature of goods and services are grouped into various classes. Each class needs a different trademark registration. This is a classification of almost 80,000 products and services and divided into two sections – Classes for Goods & Classes of Services. Find out a full list of 45 Classes 

Now, we will understand about Trademark class 1

Trademark Class 1 – Chemical Goods & Related Products

Trademark Class 1 is opted to register a trademark for Chemicals used in science, Industry and Agriculture. It mainly covers pharmaceuticals and other preparations for medical or veterinary purposes such as

For example – PIDILITE Industry Limited and TATA Chemicals Limited etc.


fevicol trademarktata chemicals


 Goods under Trademark Class 1

  • Chemicals which are utilised in science, industry, and photography, as well as in forestry, agriculture, and horticulture.
  • Unprocessed plastics and unprocessed artificial resins, manures.
  • Fire extinguishing compositions.
  • Soldering and tempering preparations.
  • Chemical substances used for preserving foodstuffs.
  • Adhesives which are used in the industry and tanning substances.

 Goods that do not come under Trademark Class 1

  • Natural resins
  • Chemical products used in medical science
  • Herbicides, fungicides, and preparations for destroying vermin
  • Adhesives used as stationery or for household purposes
  • Salt utilised for preserving foodstuffs
  • Straw mulch
  • Related (Coordinated) Classes

Parle Agro filed trademark infringement against Walmart India


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