Trademark Registration for Telecommunications & Broadcasting: Trademark Class 38

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Having a Trademark Registration for any type of business is very beneficial and important. Therefore, having trademarks can also be marketing material. Well, In this article, we will comprehend all about Trademark and look at Trademark class 38.

Know about Trademark

To register a trademark, one can use a word or a combination of words, letters, numerals, graphics, illustrations, three-dimensional features such as product type and packaging, and non-visible signs such as tones, scents, or colour hue. Applicants may use the TM symbol on their labels after securing Trademark Registration.

It is usable for both services and goods. In simple words, A trademark gives a company its individuality. It has a significant symbol used to distinguish a particular trader’s product or service from that of others. It also helps to protect the brand name from being tarnished by competitors.

What is the Importance of Trademark Registration?

Trademark Registration provides unlimited benefits. For example, the most important benefits for Trademark Class 38 are as follows.

  • They aid in the development of brand awareness.
  • It facilitates the avoidance of future legal issues.
  • Trademarks help you distinguish your goods and services from those of competitors, and they help people recognise you as the creator.
  • Trademarks define a consistent level of a range of goods and services.
  • Once a trademark is licenced, the owner will also have exclusive rights to use, sell, or distribute it.

Understand Trademark Classes

There are many different forms of trademark classifications. Several businesses in the industry offer a wide range of goods and services. Consequently, we use a list of Trademarks that are properly divided based on the nature of goods and services to classify them.

Trademark registration is divided into 45 classes, each of which is regulated by the type of goods and services listed. Each class necessitates different trademark registrations. The set of Trademark classes has approximately 80,000 products and services divided into two categories: Goods Classes and Services Classes.

Find out a full list of 45 Classes.

Trademark Class 38

Trademark Class 38 refers to businesses that enable at least one person to interact with another through the use of sensory input. It means Trademark Class 38 contains telecommunication services which we daily use. These services enable one person to speak to another, send messages from one person to another, and put a person in oral or visual contact with another. These all services are examples of Class 38 services (radio and television).

Services under Trademark Class 38

  • Telephone exchanges, television transmission, and telex networks
  • Telegraph Transmission
  • greeting card distribution digital file transfer through the internet
  • Radio broadcasting, radio communications, and satellite transmission and radio broadcasting.

What not to classify under Trademark Class 38?

  • Services such as radio ads and telephone marketing (telemarketing), and Any other goods.

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