Validity of Spice Board Certification

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The Spice Board of India, a government organization, promotes and develops the spice industry.

It issues certificates of origin and ensures exported spices meet quality standards of importing countries.

This Spice Board Certificate is essential for businesses in order to carry out their spice export business in India.

Furthermore, it offers several advantages.

Thus, without having a valid Spice Board Certification businesses miss huge opportunities and can not legally run their spice export business.

Duration of Validity of Spice Board Certification

Your Spice Board Registration is valid for three years.

After three years from getting the registration certificate, the certificate becomes invalid and cannot be used anywhere in India.

For example, if you obtained a Spice Board registration certificate for the years 2016 to 2019, you need to renew it by the end of 2019.

How to Renew Your Spices Board Registration Certificate

To renew your Spice Board Registration Certification, submit Form 1 to the relevant authority.

You can apply for renewal before the Certificate’s expiry.

If you miss the deadline, you’ll need to apply for fresh registration.

Also, You must be engaged in export business to obtain another valid renewal certificate for three years.

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Why is it important to have valid spice board certification?

  • The valid spice board certificate proves that the exported spices meet the required quality standards and regulations set by the importing country. This helps exporters maintain their reputation in the international market and ensures that shipments are accepted by the importing country.
  • A valid Spice Board certificate helps exporters avoid potential disputes or complaints from the importing country about the quality of the spices.
  • The certificate also assures the importing country that the spices are free from pests and diseases and have been produced in compliance with international phytosanitary standards.

How to determine if your Spice Board certificate is active?

To ascertain the validity of your Spice Board certificate, you should check the specified validity period to ensure it has not lapsed.

Moreover, you can directly reach out to the Spice Board of India to verify the current status of the certificate in question.

They can offer you the latest information on its validity and any potential updates.

Keep in mind that the Spice Board regularly updates its certifications and database, so it is advisable to periodically check the status of your certificate, even if it was previously valid.

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