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Pitch decks often referred to as startup decks, are presentations made by entrepreneurs to potential investors in order to secure a round of funding. The goal of a successful pitch deck is not to persuade investors to fund your business, as many people believe. As an alternative, it must demonstrate the benefits to potential funders of learning more about the project. It’s more about igniting a long-term friendship than closing a transaction right now. Hence, the roadmap slide in a pitch deck is one of the most important slides in the pitch deck for startup.

What is a Roadmap Slide in a pitch deck?

Roadmap Slide in a Pitch Deck is a strategic plan outlining how to go from A to B, with each step detailing how much progress has been made along the way. Besides that, it’s a means of exchanging ideas, a high-level document that explains both the end objective and the strategy for achieving it.

As a result, Roadmap presentation slides and templates work in sync with project managers and other experts to develop detailed project plans and other supporting materials. Those in the marketing industry may utilize these roadmap pitch deck slides to make a list of their marketing goals.

Tips for roadmap slide in a Pitch Deck

Tell a tale in product roadmap pitch

Don’t merely recite the facts in your roadmap pitch deck slide. Instead, try to ignite the curiosity of your audience and thrill them. Your presentation deck doesn’t need to be an in-depth explanation of your company.

Keep Updating the Roadmap Slide in a Pitch Deck as per the Market

If you’re pitching for funding while also building your firm, be careful to maintain your deck up to date with the newest developments, roadmaps, and so on. Out-of-date presentations are the worst and can seriously damage your business reputation.

Add enough Content

Your roadmap slide in pitch deck will be excellent when you deliver it, but it should ultimately be able to communicate some of your narrative without you present there. After your presentation, investors may want to go over the deck again, so make sure the roadmap slide in the pitch deck has enough substance to convey some of your most important concepts.

Utilize graphics

The brain processes visual information more quickly than words, therefore don’t forget to include stats, charts, product demo videos, etc. in your roadmap slide in pitch deck. Charts and graphs make it easier to explain complicated concepts of your milestones.

Additionally, you may post images and other visual components to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. So if you develop a wonderful infographic with intriguing data, you can put it on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. and receive a tremendous return.

Tips for roadmap slide in a Pitch Deck

Final Verdict

The roadmap slide in pitch deck shows investors where you’re headed and how your product or service will grow in the future.

It’s important to remember that investors aren’t interested in your product simply because of where it is now. They will get interested if it is going to improve and scale in the future.

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