How the Barcode Made Our Modern Economy

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Since the growing phase of industrialization, there is a significant rise in the number of manufactured products at shopping complexes or stores. As a result, workers at stores had to manually label each item on store shelves which is a bit tedious task to manage the products. Hence, there was a requirement for devising a system that displays product information in one place in the form of digital barcode scanning. In this article, we will discuss how the Barcode Made Our Modern Economy.

What is a Barcode?

Barcode is a machine-readable rectangle-shaped image, that is characterised by vertical black and white parallel lines and numbers. It is widely used to identify and track the name, serial number of a given product.

Structure of Barcode 

A barcode can be categorized in the form of one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. The 1D barcodes comprise 12 (UPC) and 13 (EAN) digit code that is used to reveal the product detail and other details. A digital barcode scanner can be scanned through smartphones which shows the brand name, details, or payment for the product.

Importance of Barcode in our Modern Economy

A Barcode Registration assists in the improvement of Stock control. Moreover, it is possible to track stock so precisely. Here are the given points that clearly describe the importance of digital Barcode scanning.

  • This global identification system is easy to use by anyone. serves all the parties in the supply chain like manufacturers, logistics and wholesalers to identify the products easily.
  • A barcode in public places can help in reducing touching surfaces and objects amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the barcode also has become part of public hygiene routines.

Type of Barcodes

The advent of barcode technology results in an evolution of different types of barcodes. Here are the types of barcodes which are an example of a one-dimensional barcode(1D). This 1D is a 14 digit barcode through which items of the global supply chains can be tracked. Moreover, can be scanned with traditional laser scanners or using camera-based imaging scanners.

UPC Barcode – It is a 12 digit (universal product code) UPC barcode, which is widely used in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

It is used to identify the product features such as brand name, product size, or product colour at the time of checkout.

EAN Barcode – A 13 digit EAN stands for (European article number). It is widely used in global trade to identify a specific retail product type, in a specific packaging configuration, from a specific manufacturer. This type of barcode is widely used in specific countries like – Europe and India.

Databar barcode  – It is a type of barcode system which is widely used for food products. This barcode comprises a piece of additional information for instance – product batch number, expiry date and weight of the product.

Impact of Barcode Registration on Industries

Digital barcode scanning impacts nearly every phase of life with six billion scans done per day. Here is the given example of the impact of barcode registration especially in the food industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

For instance – In restaurants, you have noticed a horizontal-shaped barcode that has replaced the traditional menu, comprising food details and food pricing.

On the other hand, the need for barcode registration in the pharmaceutical industry increased the use of 1D barcode. It manages the pharma sector towards the successful implementation of general safety measures. It is easy to manage the equipment’s quantity check, and manage medical equipment. 

Barcode Registration enhance your business efficiency

Barcodes provide faster and more reliable records of information which means work in progress can be tracked correctly. Here are a few points that enhance your business efficiency when you switch over to a barcoded system:

A barcode scanner links warehousing, sales, service, and production to information systems on a real-time basis.

As a result, wholesale distributors, service providers, manufacturers, logistics companies and retailers can pump up their productivity and operational efficiencies. Barcode tracking grants you a better way to track your important assets.

Advantages of Barcode: The Ultimate Guide to Barcode

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