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FSSAI and FCI are the Indian Government Organizations. Both these organizations are responsible for safeguarding and promoting public health. Besides, both the organizations work under the Government of India to promote food safety and implement food safety standards. However, businesses applying for FSSAI Registration Online must know the difference between FSSAI and FCI. In this article, you will check the difference between FSSAI and FCI.

What is FSSAI and FSSAI Registration? 

FSSAI stands for the Food Safety and Standardization Authority of India. It is a government body established through the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

The main purpose of FSSAI is to safeguard public health through implementing food safety regulations. Furthermore, FSSAI works to eliminate contaminated and adulterated food.

Hence, every FBO(Food Business Operator) or any business related to food needs to apply for FSSAI Registration or License. Furthermore, FSSAI Registration is mandatory for every food business whether they are small or a large company.

The eligibility criteria varies on a number of factors including turnover to apply for FSSAI Registration or FSSAI License.

What is FSSAI Registration Certificate?

FSSAI Registration Certification is a kind of a certificate highlighting the permission from the government to legally operate your food business. It is important for every FBO to display the FSSAI Registration Certificate on their business premises.

Why is FSSAI Registration Important?

FSSAI Registration is important for every food business in India. There are several reasons which include:

  • As per the government regulations, if you are operating the business of food industry whether manufacturing or processing or packaging or distributing or storage, you must get FSSAI Registration in advance.
  • Failing to receive FSSAI Registration can result in a penalty upto Rs. Ten Lakhs.
  • Exporters or Importers of any food item need to have FSSAI Registration or FSSAI License to operate their business.
  • Government Establishments such as airports and railway stations allow and deal with only those business operators who have FSSAI Registration.

What is FCI?

FCI or Food Corporation of India is also a government body. The Food Corporations Act of 1964 created it as a legislative entity in 1965. The reason for its establishment was owing to a severe shortage of foodstuffs, particularly wheat.

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The Food Corporation of India buys paddy and grain from farming communities through a variety of channels, including paddy purchasing centers, mill levies, and special mills, and then stores it in warehouses also known as Depots. Thus, FCI is more focused on agricultural products.

In simple words, FCI is in charge of procuring, preserving, shipping, transmitting, and reselling of food grains.

Know about the difference between FSSAI and FCI

It ensures food safety through certifying food processing and producing enterprises. It ensures the safety of farmers in India through effective support operations.
FSSAI works to promote general awareness about food safety, hygiene and food security standards. FCI plays an important role in the market and works to stabilize the prices.
FSSAI aims to provide quality and safe food. FCI aims to provide good quality food grains.
The FSSAI is authorized to establish a number of science-based recommendations and regulations that contribute to individual food safety. The Food Corporation of India plays a critical role in transitioning crisis-driven food security into a long-term security plan.
It works under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. It works under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Government of India.

How to Change address in FSSAI Registration

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