Difference between ISO 27001 Certification and 27002 Certification

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Anyone implementing ISO Standards for their business might have come across ISO 27001 Certification and 27002 Standards. Their name and purpose seem similar. However, it’s not. Both ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 are different. If you are planning or want to receive ISO Certification in Delhi or anywhere in India, you must know in detail about ISO Certification and Standards. In this article, we will be discussing the major difference between ISO 27001 Certification and 27002 Certification.

What is ISO?

ISO(International Organization of Standardization) as the name suggests is a global body. It is a not-for-profit and autonomous body working to create standards for almost every product and service.

These standards ensure the quality and safety of products and services. Furthermore, the ISO has members from different countries. The international members are the experts from their nation’s standardization bodies.

Hence, ISO is a common platform for experts to form international standards that facilitate business in several ways.

What is the ISO Certification?

It is important to note that ISO doesn’t provide any certification. However, ISO provides this power to certify businesses to third-party bodies. These third-party bodies get accreditation from ISO to guide, train and audit the organization and its processes.

After your verification of the successful implementation of ISO Standards, the auditing body awards you ISO Certification. Thus, ISO Certification acts as a seal of trust that your organization is implementing ISO Standards and the products and services being offered are valuable and safe.

What is the ISO 27001 Certification?

Information Security is the need of the hour. Therefore, for implementing quality standards for maintaining ISO Standards, ISO develops a family of ISO 27000 Standards.

These standards were published in the joint collaboration of the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission in 2005.

Therefore, businesses adhering to ISO 27001 standards can achieve ISO 27001 Certification in India.

In simple words, ISO 27001 Certification acts as a symbol to the world that the organization is implementing one of the best Internet security management systems as per clause 4.4 of the ISO 27000 Standards.

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What is the ISO 27002 Certification?

There is confusion that ISO 27002 is a certification. However, the truth is that ISO 27002 is not a certification but a detailed standard.

It is an additional standard focusing on controls for information security management systems that organizations can implement. These standards for control or management are also mentioned in ISO 27001. However, the detailed version can be found in ISO 27002 Standards.

What is the difference between ISO 27001 certification and 27002 certification?

We have read above the basic definitions of ISO 27001 Certification and 27002 Certification. However, there is the most significant difference between these two. These are as follows.


ISO 27001 ISO 27002
You can get ISO 27001 Certification. You can’t certify your business to ISO 27002 as it is only a standard.
ISO 27001 Standards are more practical and explained in brief. ISO 27002 standards are more descriptive.
It provides an assessment manual that you can use to decide which ISO Standards you need to apply. There is no mention of the risk assessment manual in ISO 27002 so you can’t really decide which ISO standards will be useful to you particularly.
In the initial stages of applying ISO standards, it’s best to choose ISO 27001 Certification and standards. Once you have implemented ISO 27001 Certification and standards, you can use ISO 27002 standards to further improve your ISMS.
The security controls are included in ISO 27001 as part of a section labeled Annex A, The annex A of ISO 27001 specifies the security domains, security categories, control goals, and security controls. ISO 27002 also covers the same things as in Annex A. However, it has an additional Implementation Guidance for each security measure in Annex A of ISO 27001.

How to Check the Validity of ISO Certificate Online

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