GST Department may target Unregistered Businesses

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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) department will continue its campaign this week to raise awareness about GST laws among local businesspeople and check unregistered companies in the Dehradun region. In this article, we will read the latest news that the GST Department may target unregistered businesses for their awareness program. We will also understand GST Registration in detail.

What is GST and GST Registration?

GST stands for goods and service tax. It is an indirect tax that has to be collected from customers when you sell your goods or services and is required to be submitted to the government.

In other words, Goods and Services Tax(GST) is a consolidated indirect tax policy that encompasses VAT, CST, Service Tax, Central Excise duty, Entertainment Tax, etc, and is valid all over India with effect from 1st July 2017.

The GST was introduced to reduce the cascading effect of other taxes. It is mandatory to apply for GST Registration in the following cases.

  • If your annual turnover exceeds INR 40 Lacs*
  • or If you are doing inter-state sales or
  • If you are selling products online through an e-commerce portal or
  • If you are into the import or export business
  • or If you want to raise a tax invoice for your customers
  • If business participating in exhibition/event outside the State as Casual Taxable Payer
  • *In the case of North Eastern States, an annual turnover threshold limit is INR 20 Lakhs.

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GST Department’s Drive to boost the awareness

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) administration has launched a drive in Dehradun to boost tax collection and check firms that have yet to register for GST.

Rakesh Verma, the district’s joint commissioner of the GST administration, said that a team of five officers from the department spent over three hours interacting with 150 merchants in the Paltan Bazaar region of the city.

According to Verma, 14 of the 150 businessmen were found to be unregistered. “The GST laws were explained to these 14 business owners, as well as the procedure for registering with the department. They have been told that they must register their firms as soon as possible.

Many individuals in the markets are unaware of the GST registration, and via our campaign, we are attempting to raise awareness,” said Verma. 

He also adds that the department will use this effort to identify business owners who falsely pretend to be GST listed.

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GST department may target unregistered businesses in Dehradun

According to Verma, the government has also ordered businesses to display their separate GST numbers in their stores as well as on notice boards outside of them. Following the main marketplaces of Dehradun city, the department will launch their campaign in Doiwala, Vikasnagar, and Mussoorie, according to the joint commissioner.

When asked if the administration intends to take action against individuals who are not GST registered, he said the department is presently focusing on the GST registration authentication phase and promoting awareness among the general public businesses.

However, he further adds “Before taking disciplinary steps, we will conduct this program throughout the region. The government also intends to hold camps in regional trading platforms to inform local business owners on GST legislation that makes the registration procedure simple and straightforward. If the government still finds unregistered companies after this process, the violators will be penalized.”

Thus according to Verma, around 1,80,000 firms in Uttarakhand presently pay GST, with roughly 60,000 of them based in Dehradun. He said that every firm with yearly revenue of more than Rs 20 lakh must have GST Registration and do GST Return Filing

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