GST on Hydroponic Farming

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As we know, Hydroponic farming is setting uproots all across India. Hydroponics and other soil-less farming methods can assist to take the agriculture and farming industry to the next level. Also, there is a lot of confusion about the concern of Hydroponic Farming, if it is taxable or not. In this article, we will discuss on GST on Hydroponic Farming and significance of GST Registration.

Before understanding the GST on Hydroponic Farming, now you need some facts about the GST (Goods and Services tax).

Understand About GST

GST is a prominent Indirect Tax that has concerned to the trade, production, and consumption of goods and services over the nation. Also, It is a different tax standard for the number of goods from the operative to the user. GST is suitable only for an accurate expansion at each stage. However, GST registration is compulsory for registering on Hydroponic Farming.

What is Hydroponic Farming?

New technologies are getting up every day in the world. As the world population is rising, the agriculture industry is also growing new techniques to grow food in lesser space and by saving water. The hydroponic growing system is a move towards this.

Hydroponic System is a system of growing crops without soil, often termed as soilless farming. In the hydroponic system, the plant roots begin in a liquid nutrient solution or inside the moistened inert materials like Rockwool and Vermiculite. The liquid nutrient solution is a mixture of necessary plant nutrients in the water. The hydroponic growing system requires constant attention to the crops, unlike the traditional farming system.

GST on Hydroponic Farming

As we know, there are very much confusing in the concern of Hydroponic Farming is taxable or not. The exact value of taxation in  Hydroponic Farming is undefined. There are some components or area where GST are imposed, some of the significant factors are – 

GST Rate on Hydroponic Farming

GST is exempt from Hydroponic Farming, as As per GST Law, there is no GST payable on Agricultural implements animal-driven. So the rate of GST payable on Agricultural implements Hydroponic Farming is nil rate. 

GST Rate on Hydroponic Training Centres

With this Hydroponics training program, you will be able to begin your hydroponic garden. Grow fresh vegetables without any pesticides right at the convenience of your home. Any education and training service besides education and training services are classified for Service Tax @15%.

GST on Hydroponic Youtube Platforms

In case the services are provided in India – GST @ 18% would apply to the services provided by YouTubers. However, it would be required to collect this GST from their customers and then deposit the same with the Govt.

NOTE – By obtaining the products from Hydroponic Farming, a manufacturer has obliged to attain APEDA Registration for the export of the products.

GST Rate on Real Estate

In case, you need any kind of direction connected with the GST Registration, or any other GST compliance, please feel free to communicate with our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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