How to get a subsidy for Hydroponics

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Hydroponics is soil-less cultivation where plants are grown without soil and by furnishing nutrients to water and roots are submerged in water to grow (soil-less growth of plants and without conventional soil. Also, It implies artificial means to help and nutrient solutions to provide the required nutrition to plants. In this article, we will discuss how to get a subsidy for hydroponics.

About hydroponics Farming

Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, which is a process of growing plants without soil by utilising mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.  

Terrestrial plants may be originated with only their roots exposed to the mineral extract, or the roots may be sustained by an inert medium, such as perlite or gravel. 

India is presently importing more than 85% of its exotic vegetables, creating a growth rate of 15-20% per year. Further, Hydroponics can help fuel this growth present the farming expertise that exists in India. When the land has now owned, capital costs per acre every 5 years are Rs 30.5 lakhs. 

Benefits of Hydroponics Farming

India proposes hydroponics  Farming as a solution that can transform the way horticulture is made there. The benefits of hydroponics include :

  • Requires no soil
  • Enables for the reuse of water
  • Render greater control of nutrients to prevent over nourished crops
  • Allows ease of harvesting
  • Allows ease of pest management and food safety controls
  • Enhance food production stability, providing higher yields
  • Furnishes off-season production 

How to get subsidy for Hydroponics

In India, the central and state government have subsidized the capital costs for farmers willing to spend on hydroponics.  Also, the exact subsidy appropriate is various for each state. Newly Maharashtra government has rendered a 50% subsidy to farmers to adopt hydroponics for growing animal fodder-Hydroponic Farming. Similarly, the subsidy has prepared for each state separately by the National Horticulture board. 

GST on Hydroponic Farming

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