How to get ISO Certification in Kolkata

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The ISO, or International Organization for Standardization, is an independent group that creates guidelines, called standards. These standards help businesses and organisations ensure their products and services are high quality, safe, and efficient. Having an ISO Certification in Kolkata for your business can provide you significant advantages and thus growing your business. Let’s understand the process to get ISO Certification in Kolkata.

Choosing the Right ISO Certification

The first step is figuring out which ISO standard best fits your business or which ISO Certification you need. The major types of ISO Certification for a business can be from the following:

  • ISO 9001: This is all about quality management, ensuring your products and services are consistently good.
  • ISO 14001: This focuses on environmental management, helping your business operate in an eco-friendly way.
  • ISO 27001: This standard deals with information security, making sure your data is protected.
  • ISO 22000: This ensures food safety management in your organisation.

If you need to know more types of ISO Certification, you can read : Learn the Different Types of ISO Standards  or you can also consult our ISO Certification experts for free.

Stepwise Process to apply for ISO Certification in Kolkata

Application and Contract

You and the certification body will agree on a contract outlining your rights and responsibilities, including confidentiality and access rights.

Document Review

The auditor will examine your quality manuals and procedures to see how you operate. This helps identify any gaps in meeting the ISO standard.

Action Plan

Based on the auditor’s findings, you’ll create a plan to address any shortcomings. This might involve employee training, updating procedures, or making other changes.

  • Initial Certification Audit:
    • Stage 1: The auditor will assess your changes and identify any areas that still don’t meet the standard. They’ll categorise these issues as minor or major. You’ll need to address them before moving forward.
    • Stage 2: Once you’ve addressed the issues, the auditor will do a final check to ensure everything meets the ISO standard. If satisfied, they’ll prepare a final report.

Certification Granted

After addressing all non-conformities and a successful final audit, you’ll receive your ISO certification.

Surveillance Audits

The certification body will conduct periodic audits to ensure you continue to maintain the ISO standards.

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What are some of the benefits of getting ISO Certification in Kolkata?

Improved Quality and Efficiency

ISO standards provide a framework for streamlining your business operations. Thus,  leading to better quality products and services. It also reduces waste, and provides you cost savings.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Your customer satisfaction increases as the quality of your products or services increases.

Competitive Advantage

ISO certification is a recognized symbol of quality.  Therefore, it can give you an advantage in competitive markets. It also helps especially when bidding on contracts or attracting new clients.

Stronger Business Relationships

Being ISO certified can show your commitment to quality and responsible practices. Hence, it can foster trust and stronger relationships with suppliers and partners.

Access to New Markets

Some industries or government contracts need ISO certification mandatorily. So obtaining it can open doors to new business opportunities.

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