Mahindra files trademark applications for XUV100, XUV400, XUV700, and XUV900 nameplates

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Mahindra files trademark applications and gains significant advantages. We all know Trademarks are an important part of any business and provide many benefits.  Therefore, this article will inform you about the Benefits of Trademark Registration and SUVs for which Mahindra files trademark applications.

Mahindra files trademark applications for SUVs

The XUV700 is the name given by Mahindra to its three-row SUV. The Indian car manufacturer has now filed trademark applications for three more nameplates. XUV100, XUV400, and XUV900 are examples of these.

Mahindra Files Trademark Registration for Previous Cars

Mahindra has already Trademarks for the XUV300, a small SUV, plus the XUV500 is a mid-size SUV. Now the Trademark application is for newly launching  XUV700, which will succeed the ageing XUV500.

Trademark Registration Status

The trademark applications were filed on April 7th, and the trademark registry has yet to approve them. However, The applications are now in the status of ‘Formalities Check Pass.’

Besides, experts estimate that using the same ‘XUV’ prefix in trademark applications indicates that the manufacturer intends to extend the sub-brand.

Know about Trademarks

The term “trademark” generally applies to both trademarks and branding in a general sense. However, in simple words, a trademark distinguishes a company from its other competitors. A

Now let us look at some benefits of Trademark Registration which Mahindra is receiving, and you can also get the same.

Trademark Registration Benefits

Trademark registration provides a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Over time, it builds brand credibility as well as distinctive appeal.
  • Trademarks contribute to the growth of brand recognition.
  • They make it easier to prevent future legal problems.
  • The cost of trademark registration is insignificant as compared to the benefits it offers.
  • The owner of a trademark will have sole rights to use, sell, and market it after it has been licensed.
  • A trademark is immensely useful in defending a company’s goods and services from infringement.

At last, we can conclude, this is a great step by Mahindra to file trademark applications. They will receive advantages over the other competitors. Moreover, Trademark will benefit them both in the short and long run.

Trademark Class 40: Treatment of Materials

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