Trademark Class 40: Treatment of Materials

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Knowing Trademark Class is very crucial for any type of business.  So,If you’re launching a new business or organisation, the first thing you should do is set yourself apart from the competition. For doing so, Trademark registration is an essential solution that gives the company’s brand a distinct identity. Trademark applications are classified into 45 different groups, each of which is focused on different industry types. In this article, we will read about Trademark Class 40 pertaining to Treatment of Materials.

What is a Trademark?

The word “trademark” has been consistently used in a broad context to refer to both trademarks and branding. Therefore, A trademark gives a company its individuality. A trademark may be a word, a logo, a pattern, a combination of colours or shapes, or something else that distinguishes a company or a product from its rivals. Plus, A company’s most important asset is its internationally recognised trademark.

What are the advantages of having Trademark Registration?

Trademark Registration is essential for a variety of reasons, including:

  • It generates brand credibility as well as unique value over time.
  • Trademarks define a consistent level for goods and services.
  • Accordingly, The expense of trademark registration is very low in comparison to the advantages it provides.
  • In addition to the company’s other tangible properties, a trademark is extremely valuable in protecting a company’s products and services from piracy.

What is Trademark Class?

The Trademark registration for businesses divides trademarks into 45 different classes. Hence, each trademark class denotes a different set of products and services.

It is equally important to choose the correct trademark class, as incorrect classification may hamper the registration process. To illustrate, 34 of the 45 classes are in the Trademark Goods class, and 11 are in the  Trademark Service Class. There are nearly 80,000 products and services in a total of trademark classes.

Find out a full list of 45 Classes 

Trademark Class 40

Services given by the mechanical or chemical processing for the transformation of objects(inorganic or organic) substances are included in Trademark Class 40. Under Trademark Class 40, the classification of services is for processing or modification to benefit another person.

What Services fall under Trademark class 40?

  • Rental of air conditioning equipment for air freshening
  • Blacksmithing and Bookbinding
  • Cloth dyeing and alteration
  • Glass-blowing and Gold plating
  • Paper finishing and Paper treating
  • Services relating to the transformation of an object or material
  •  Any procedure causing a change in its notable characteristics
  • The chroming of automobile bumpers.

What not to Classify under Trademark Class 40?

  • Repair Services
  • Financial Services
  • Advertising Services
  • Retail Services
  • Other Goods.

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