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It is necessary to plan a successful strategy to grab the overseas market by analyzing the best product to export from India. Your revenue will depend on market analysis, need, and demand-supply to any targeted country. Proceeding the same, one should also calculate Indian products that are higher in production and can fulfill the needs of overseas customers with a nice profit margin.

In addition, To make your presence in the targeted country, you must know the beneficial factors while choosing the product to export from India. Also, you need to apply for the Import Export Code (IEC) for the categories you will deal with. In this article, we will explore profitable products to export from India.

IEC Code Registration – Primary Prerequisite before you explore Profitable Product To Export From India

IEC is a 10 digit alphanumeric code issued by the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) to regulate the product export business in India. An IEC Code registration is mandatory for all firms and individuals to carry out the import and export of all goods and services. Or in other words – An IEC code is required in the following circumstances:

  • When an importer makes transactions abroad through banks.
  • At the time of receiving foreign currency in an importer’s account.
  • When an exporter has to parcel his shipments abroad.

Know about Documents Required for IEC Code Registration – Documents required for IEC Code Registration 

Top 5 Things To Consider While you Explore Profitable Product To Export From IndiaGrowth Analysis

Before taking any steps towards selling the products in foreign countries, it is essential to analyze the growth in the targeted country. Also, it would be best if you do calculations on the basis of investment and the profit margin.


During the process, you should also check for the Import Export Code (IEC). As per DGFT, all products are not allowed to be exported overseas, and there are some restrictions. So, it is recommended to check the allowed categories and apply for an Import export Code to do a hassle-free business in the global market. Thus, while you explore profitable products to export, consider the legalities so that you can also avail the benefits of government schemes too.

Choose Made In India Products

Recently, when the world pandemic took place in India, the government was focused on made-in-India initiatives. They are aggressively promoting the scheme to increase the economic condition of the nationwide citizen.

With that initiative, one can choose such products manufactured in India and have a considerable marketplace abroad. This way, the entrepreneurs make a good profit by exporting Indian products to the global market.

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Risk Factors

If you plan to export raw material from India, there is a higher chance of damage. That ultimately leads you to a huge loss. So, considering the choice of products that involve lower risk would be beneficial for overseas businesses.


Price is the game-changing parameter that can either give you a huge profit or lead you to shut down the business. So, whatever the goods you are planning to export, consider finding out the best dealers in the country to purchase them at an affordable rate. For example, the Spice business in India can be an inexpensive yet profitable business for export in India.  How to Start a Spice Business in India  

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