Trademark registration for E-commerce companies

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The process of buying and selling goods online is called e-commerce. However, trademark registration for e-commerce companies is not compulsory. But an e-commerce dealer should apply for registration to attain intellectual rights to gain a competitive edge. People prefer to buy your products online if you have registered your trademark. You should apply for Class 42 registration for your e-commerce business.

Process to apply for Trademark Registration for e-commerce companies 

To register trademark in India, e-commerce companies should follow the process which is written below as a trademark is acceptable for 10 years. The organizations can apply for renewal after 10 years. To do trademark registration online, the e-commerce industries should invent a trademark distinguishable that can be expressed graphically.

Search for the Intellectual Property Database

You should ensure the trademark chosen for your e-commerce business is different.  You can also alter your trademark if found similar to other businesses.

Filing an Application for trademark

You should submit Form TM-48 and it is executed and signed by an attorney. You should also submit documents such as a copy of the Incorporation Certificate, trademark copies, logo, along with ID proof, address, or citizenship proof for filing. You should also provide details of your product or service along with a Power of attorney copy on stamp paper.

Investigation process for trademark

The Trademark Registry inspector performs an investigation. The registrar will inspect to ensure the trademark complies with the specification mentioned under the Trademark Act,1999.

Publication of Trademark

The registrar or administrators observe for nearly 90 to 120 days after publication to ensure that any other organization is not opposing the trademark.

Certificate and registration

The Trademark officers issue a Registration certificate after registering the trademark and publishing it in the Trademark journal.

Benefits of trademark registration for e-commerce companies

Benefits of trademark registration for e-commerce companies

The process is written below for trademark registration online

Safeguarding your business

If you register a trademark in India, then the company name, logos, signals, and products of a company are protected legally. It prevents damage to the brand image.  If someone is using your trademark, then you can file a lawsuit against them.

 Helps in Business Expansion

Due to fierce competition, the trademark should be registered to promote sales and urge buyers. Some famous e-commerce organizations such as Wal-Mart, eBay, and Amazon are famous globally and were able to attract more customers due to their attractive brand name and logo.

Protects the company’s brand image

As an e-commerce dealer, then you advertise products via social media channels and millions of customers can view your product. So, if your trademark is not registered, then it can become infringed.

Thus, there are plenty of Advantages of Trademark Registration in India for e-commerce companies.

You can understand more about Trademark Registration symbols at:

Trademark class for E-commerce websites

  • Class 35- For e-commerce industries engaged in business administration, business management, advertising, and back-office functions.
  • Class 45- For e-commerce industries engaged in research, development, industrial analysis, computer programming, or hardware activities.
  • Class 9- For e-commerce industries engaged in scientific activities such as signaling, using apparatus for training, measuring, conducting examinations, inventing any life-saving activity, etc

Trademark Class is an effective way through which Trademark Registry classifies different products and services.

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Different types of trademark registration signs 

TM symbol

The e-commerce dealer has applied for trademark.

R symbol

The dealer is registered with the government agency.

SM symbol

The e-commerce dealer is rendering services and is not engaged in selling products. This logo may be used by any other service provider.


How to Get Trademark Registration without a company in India

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