Trademark Registration for Machines and Machines Tools: Trademark Class 7

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A well-known trademark has required exceptional protection against violation of such trademarks. Classified trademarks are known in India based on their reputation, nationally, internationally, and cross-borders. With the trademark registration, Trademark Application is classified under 45 different classes which are based on the kind of market activity. In this article, we will discuss trademark Class 7 which connects to the business of Machines and Machines Tools

 About Trademark

The Trademarks Act, 1999, explains a phrase, logo, design, and sequence of colors or shapes, etc. and that symbolizes the uniqueness of a brand or the product and separates from competitors. It is a globally recognized trademark and is the most precious asset of a business. With a different Trademark, users can instantly distinguish your products or services from several competitors’ products.

Significance of Trademark Registration

As we know Trademark Registration is mandatory for many reasons such as –

  • A novel Brand logo is the most relevant asset of any business.
  • Customers can quickly recognize your product or services easily.
  • Protect your trademark from misuse or duplication by others.
  • Also, make your business, commodities, and services stand out.

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Trademark Classes

Trademark registration consists of 45 classes which are based on the variety of goods and services that are classified into various categories. Each class needs a different trademark registration. This is a classification of about 80,000 products and services and is classified into two sections – Classes for Goods & Classes of Services. Find out a full list of 45 Classes 

Now, we will understand about Trademark class 7

Trademark Class 7- Machines and Machines Tools

Trademark Class 7 is applied to a broad variety of machinery products, it includes machines and machine tools motors, and engines excluding for land vehicles also, machine coupling and transmission elements, agricultural implements other than hand-operated; incubators for eggs; automatic vending devices.

Examples of Class 7 trademark carry Brother Printing Machine

 Goods appear under Trademark Class 7

It involves goods such as:

  • Parts of motors and engines.
  • Electric cleaning machines and apparatus.
  • Machines, machine tools, motors, and engines.

 Goods do not appear under Trademark Class 7

  • Some special machines and machine tools.
  • Hand tools and implements, hand-operated.
  • Motors and engines for land vehicles.

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