What is the difference between FSSAI and AGMARK?

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You can have plenty of confusion regarding different registrations for Food businesses. Especially, when names for registrations are used interchangeably. One such case is with FSSAI Registration and AGMARK Registration. Both registrations play a vital role in the food industry. Moreover, both these registrations are valuable and offer several advantages. But still, there is a significant difference between FSSAI and AGMARK that you must know. In this article, you will read about what is the difference between FSSAI and AGMARK?

What is FSSAI Registration?

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is an apex body that ensures the safety, quality, and hygiene of food items in India. It also ensures that companies or businesses do not offer adulterated food items to consumers.

Hence, FSSAI has established a mechanism to perform its functions. One such mechanism is FSSAI Registration and License.

As per the Government rules and regulations, it is important for every food business operator to register with FSSAI in order to conduct their business legally. All types of food businesses whether cooking, selling, packaging, storing, etc. need to have FSSAI Registration.

Besides the eligibility criteria for FSSAI Registration varies and some businesses might also need FSSAI License.

Benefits of FSSAI Registration

  • FSSAI Registration allows you to legally comply with rules and regulations set by the government.
  • FSSAI Registration enables you to avoid penalties and punishments.
  • You can establish trust and credibility in the market through achieving FSSAI Registration Certificate.
  • The registration certificate on your business premise and the FSSAI Registration logo on your food items build a brand image of your business.
  • FSSAI Logo on your food items also helps your business to gain trust from foreign customers when you export the food items.

What is AGMARK Registration?

AGMARK Registration or Certification is similar to FSSAI Registration. However, as the name suggests, the AGMARK is relevant for Agriculture products.

The Directorate of Marketing and Inspection under the Department of Agriculture issues the AGMARK Certificate.

The AGMARK Certificate ensures that the agriculture products are having purity and pesticide usage is as per specified limit. Moreover, it also indicates that the standards set by the WTO are being followed.

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Benefits of AGMARK Registration

  • Your agricultural products comply with legal requirements.
  • You can export your agricultural products abroad.
  • Many government subsidies and schemes are available to businesses providing products having AGMARK Certification.

Know the difference between FSSAI and AGMARK

difference between FSSAI and AGMARK

 The major difference between FSSAI and AGMARK can be described as below.

FSSAI Registration AGMARK Certification
It is a mandatory registration for every FBO. AGMARK is not registration but certification and you can achieve it only after your agricultural products pass the test.
The FSSAI Registration applies to every kind of FBO. For example, restaurants, food trucks, petty food business owners, etc all need to have FSSAI Registration to operate their business. AGMARK is not mandatory for everyone. Only those dealing with agricultural products need to apply for this certification.
Businesses can achieve FSSAI Registration or license depending upon their annual turnover and other eligibility criteria. There is no turnover or any other as such eligibility criteria. Anyone can get AGMARK Certification after passing the inspection process.
It deals with all kinds of food items or services including meat products and dairy products. It deals only with agricultural products.
FSSAI is a separate government agency that authorizes FSSAI Registration and License. The Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, which is part of the Department of Agriculture, authorizes AGMARK.

How to Change address in FSSAI Registration

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