How To Start A Gym in India?

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When you are planning to start a gym in India, you may find yourself in a pickle. You have to make some big and important decisions all by yourself. In this article, you will understand the stepwise procedure to Start A Gym in India.

Starting a new business is not easy, and with misleading strategies, you can incur heavy losses. With the onset of the pandemic, most people are focusing on building immunity, changing their dietary preferences and maintaining their overall health.

Questions before you start a Gym in India

  • What will be the first step to establishing your gym business?
  • What will be the overall cost and budget to start a gym in India?
  • How will you be pricing the membership fee, and how much will you pay your trainers?
  • How will you market your gym and its facilities to the world?
  • Which brand of gym instruments will be cost-friendly and also serve the purpose?
  • What will be the overall cost of GST registration, GST return filing and company formation?

Steps to Start A Gym in India

Steps to Start A Gym in India

1. Finalize the perfect area to start a gym in India

  • The success of your business strongly depends on the type of location.
  • If you are opening a gym near residential colonies or commercial areas, you will immediately start earning profit.

2. Strategize a Good Business Plan

  • If you are funding your business directly from your pocket or taking help from a family member, this step is not very important.
  • However, if you plan to take a business loan or pitch to potential investors, you need to create a strong business plan and project report.
  • To start a gym in India, you have to have a capital of about 5 to 10 lakh rupees.
  • No investor will pay you money if you are not ready with a solid business plan beforehand.

3. Get all the licenses before you start gym in India.

  • You have to get building permits, trade licenses, initial investment-related licenses, Shop Establishment Registration and apply for tax procedures such as GST Registration, GST Return Filing, and ITR Filing.
  • If you plan to add amenities like a swimming pool, water aerobics, spa, you have to take special permission from your municipality.
  • Gyms are places where injuries or accidents are common. So it is wise to have well-balanced business insurance and opt for independent contractors to avoid major financial loss.

4. Hire certified Trainers. 

  • The quality of your fitness centre is defined by the brand of equipment and the presence of expert trainers.
  • So, you need to appoint professional trainers.
  • A certified gym trainer will bring authenticity to your business. Also, it will increase the quality and word of mouth marketing for your business.
  • Before hiring, you can check the trainer’s previous industry experiences. This will help you gain better insight and knowledge about their qualities.

5. Purchase equipment 

  • Before starting a gym in India, you need to get the correct equipment.
  • You have to keep in mind the member’s safety, modern pieces of equipment and timely maintenance.
  • The common gym equipment includes treadmills, stationary bicycles, yoga mats, cable pulley and dumbbells.

6. Offer Discounts for membership 

  • Nowadays, many gym owners offer additional activities like physiotherapy, dietitian and various other things.
  • Many advanced gyms offer other activities like yoga, circuit training, aerobic exercise, resistance training and many more. You can combine these in packages and offer discounts to attract the people.

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7. Promotion and Marketing

  • Gym enthusiasts are always on the lookout for exciting offers, unique features and reasonably priced workout packages. For attracting more local customers, you can use website development and create a social media page.
  • You can promote your business by offering demo classes, fitness activities and discounts. Once a customer registers, you can offer customized goodies and merchandise.
  • You also need to get Trademark Registration to protect your branding.

8. Appoint maintenance staff 

Other than the gym trainers, you also need to appoint other staff:

  • Receptionist
  • Cleaning personal
  • Service technicians
  • Individual trainers
  • Sales representative
  • Physiotherapists


Nowadays, people are concerned about their health and immunity. So, starting a new gym in your locality can be a great idea. You can go through the steps mentioned and get an idea of how to successfully start a gym in India.

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