How To Export Honey, Jaggery And Sugar Products From India

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Jaggery is the fairest and leading product for India in the export-import business and Jaggery is a crude regular sugar that is delivered without adding any synthetics. Over 70% of the finished world jaggery production is performed in India. In this Article, we will explain how to Export Honey, Jaggery And Sugar Products From India.

Export Honey Jaggery And Sugar Products From India

As we know Jaggery is prevalently recognized as the “therapeutic sugar” and is healthfully basically identical with nectar. It has been employed as sugar in Ayurvedic Medicine for a very lengthy time. Indian Ayurvedic medication understands jaggery to be important in treating throat and lung contaminations.

While refined sugar basically comprises glucose and fructose, jaggery includes glucose and sucrose. In any case, jaggery likewise has minerals and nutrients which expect refined sugar.

Why Need APEDA for Exports of jaggery and sugar products

Any exporter who is exporting scheduled products from India requires to have APEDA Registration. APEDA means Agriculture and processed food products export growth authority. The main motive is to stimulate the export of scheduled products from India. Agriculture is a major source of livelihood, India has a huge potential in terms of various agricultural productivity. So for jaggery and sugar product, it is compulsory to obtain APEDA Certificate.

India Facts and Figures about jaggery export

As the crucial maker of Jaggery, the nation has perceived as one of the primary merchants and exporters of Jaggery to the world. India sent out 3,41,155.34 MT of jaggery and candy store commodities to the world for the value of Rs. 1,633.22 crore during the year 2019-20.

Leading Export Destinations for jaggery From India

  • Sri Lanka Dsr
  • Nigeria, Nepal
  • Malaysia
  • Tanzania Rep

Compulsory Documents For Jaggery Export from India

  1. Company Incorporation
  2. Import-Export License
  3. APEDA Registration
  4. GST Registration
  5. MSME Registration

An Overview of Hydroponic Farming 

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