Prohibitive addresses for GST Registration

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GST Registration also has a significant basis for the location. It is a destination-based tax and the goods/services are taxed at the place of consumption. However, while taking GST Registration, applicants need to provide address proof of the place of supply. These address proofs need to be valid and must not be from the prohibitive address for GST Registration in India. The prohibitive address for GST Registration can cancel your registration or bring many other problems. Therefore, In this article, we will understand the prohibitive addresses for GST Registration.

What is GST?

GST is an indirect tax in India. It stands for Goods and Services Tax. It is levied on the supply of goods and services and is levied on every value addition.

Every business with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 20 Lakhs and Rs. 10 Lakhs in special states require to register under GST.

Furthermore, every e-commerce or digital business must obtain GST Registration and do GST return filing. Every Importer and Exporter also need GST Registration in India to conduct their business.

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List of Prohibitive addresses for GST Registration

As per GST Rules and Regulations, there are some prohibitive addresses where you can’t get GST Registration. In simple words, the prohibitive addresses are ineligible addresses for GST Registration.

List of Prohibitive addresses for GST Registration

The Prohibitive Addresses for GST Registration are as follows:

Residential Address 

You can not get GST Registration for a factory or an industry on a residential property. As per GST Rules, you must apply for GST Registration from the principal place of business. Factories can pollute the surroundings or harm the people living there. Therefore, in this case, you can not even set up a factory in your residential area. However, if you are running a small business having no serious effects around, you can add a residential address as an additional place of business while applying for GST Registration. You can use our guide on How to add Additional place of Business in GST Registration to know more about Additional Place of Business in GST.

Government Quarters

Government Quarters have only one purpose i.e. residential allotment. However, GST Registration is for commercial purposes. Therefore, one can not get registered under GST at the address of Government Quarters. Government Quarters. GST Officials can suspend your GST Registration on Government Quarters and thus you won’t be able to make any taxable supply.

Residential Society

Similarly, you can not get GST Registration for commercial activities in residential societies. As per the rules and regulations, any commercial activity should be done at the outskirts of the residential society. This helps in preventing accidents, managing and organizing business activities.

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Specified Industries

Some Industries are allowed only to have GST Registration on a specific address that is safe and far away from a public place. For example, fireworks or chemical manufactures are only allowed to have their business registered far from cities and towns in order to protect the common public.


In Conclusion, above mentioned are some of the prohibitive addresses for GST Registration. Similarly, there can be other places such as military camps, parks, historical monuments, etc. on which you can’t get GST Registration.

How to check GST registration status by ARN

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