FSSAI Registration for Atta Chakki in India

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Flour is an important aspect of the Indian diet because we use it in almost all of our cuisines. As a result, flour is an item that every household purchases on a regular basis, making flour manufacture a profitable business venture. Flour mill enterprises have been springing up all throughout India because of the enormous potential they provide in both rural and urban areas. In this article, you will learn about the FSSAI Registration for Atta Chakki in India along with other important information.

Therefore, you must know about some mandatory registrations for Atta Chakki in India if you wish to start a flour mill business or are already running it.

Is FSSAI Registration for Atta Chakki Mandatory?

An Atta Chakki business or a flour mill business is a food business, and all food enterprises must register with the FSSAI in India and receive their certificate.

A  FSSAI food license or FSSAI registration online is required for the incorporation of any type of food company in India.

Food is a sensitive topic since it directly impacts the health of the customer. Because of this, stronger guidelines are in place to assure the safety of every food. Your food product must be free of any dangerous ingredients before you can start selling it.

Hence, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s (FSSAI) role in safeguarding the general population from food-borne illness, FSSAI registration/licensing is mandatory.

Once the required paperwork is gathered and available, the FSSAI registration process is completed fully online.

Document requirement of FSSAI Registration for Atta Chakki

  • Image of a Food Business Owner.
  • Passport, Driving License, Ration Card, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Senior Citizen ID Card, Department-Issued ID, etc.
  • Municipal or Panchayat NOC.
  • Address and telephone numbers for every director, partner, and officer of a company or trust.
  • Evidence of ownership of the property.

Advantages of FSSAI Registration for Atta Chakki

Advantages of FSSAI Registration for Atta Chakki

  • It begins by providing you with a single point of access to all applicable legislation and departmental control.
  • Customers will feel more comfortable doing business with you if they know your company is FSSAI-registered.
  • If you only get one FSSAI registration, you can start up a lot of different businesses in the same place. The registration certificate is displayed at your company location.
  • FSSAI Registration Logo or FSSAI Registration Certificate Number on your food products help establish your business’s brand image.
  • When you export food, having the FSSAI logo on your products can help your firm build confidence with international clients.
  • The FSSAI dealers may be eligible for specific benefits from the government & banks such as obtaining business loan or funding from the government.

Other Beneficial Registrations for Flour Mills in India

  • GST Registration

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. It is an indirect tax and thus allows your business to collect taxes from the customers.

The GST Registration Certificate ensures that your business is legitimate and you are complying with taxation rules.

GST Registration and GST Return Filing also allows you to claim an input tax credit for your atta chakki business in India.

  • Shop and Establishment Registration/Trade License

Shop Establishment Registration or Trade License is a mandatory registration to be obtained from local municipal authority.

It is mandatory for every business entity to get these registrations as it governs the rights of workers.

  • MSME Registration

MSME Registration or Udyam Registration is a registration that allows businesses to register with the MSME Department.

The Government and Financial Institutions provide a significant number of benefits to those businesses who have MSME Registration.

Moreover, you get subsidies on ISO Certification and Trademark Registration from the government.

  • ISO Certification

ISO Certification is legit proof that your business is complying with international standards set by ISO.

It also proves that your business is committed to providing quality products and services. Hence, Achieving ISO Certification for Atta Chakki Business becomes a great tool to beat your competition and grow your business smoothly.

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  • Trademark Registration

Many Atta Chakki Businesses provide atta or flour in a packaged way. These atta packages are in huge demand and are easily sold both offline and online.

However, without having trademark registration other businesses can copy or imitate your branding, They can also misuse your branding and defame your products.

Hence, to have legal rights and protect your branding, you must use trademark registration online for your atta chakki business in India.


Atta Chakki Business is one of the most profitable businesses in India due to high demand. However, it has high competition too. Therefore, you must know and get beneficial registrations such as FSSAI Registration for Atta Chakki to make your venture successful.

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