How to sell your story through your pitch deck in india

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Funding a startup has never been simple, but venture investors are spending less time than ever before looking through each company’s pitch deck. When every second counts, VCs aren’t simply saying no to a few projects here and there; they’re saying no to a slew of them all at once. As a result, it is important for you to sell your story through your pitch deck in India.

What is a Pitch Deck?

If you are trying to seek capital from a potential investor, your first communication tool is a pitch deck. It is also known as Investor Pitch Deck or Slide Deck.  The information of your pitch deck, together with your delivery, will assist the investor evaluate whether or not to continue assessing your organizational potentiality.

To put it another way, a pitch deck is a short presentation that gives investors an overview of your company. As a rule of thumb, it concentrates on showing the product, explaining the business plan, and introducing the team. If you’re looking to raise any amount of money, pitch deck for startup is a vital tool.

Essential things to know to sell your story through your pitch deck

tasks_2021_2xConsider keeping it simple and straightforward

Your pitch deck isn’t a novel. It’s a summary of the most crucial aspects of your company. In most situations, venture capitalists spend less than four minutes observing pitch decks, so keep yours brief to keep them engaged.

What’s wrong with providing a lengthy pitch deck? The VC is unlikely to make it through slide three. Remember that investors aren’t utilizing your fundraising pitch deck to make a decision on whether or not to invest in your startup right now. The VC, on the other hand, utilizes the pitch deck as a basis for a subsequent meeting.

tasks_2021_2xFollow the Pitch Deck’s Pattern

It is not easy to make a Pitch Deck for Startup crisp and concise. Therefore, it is best to follow the pitch deck’s natural pattern. Start with a title slide, and then go on to a slide describing your solution to the problem. Include two more slides that focus on the problem you’re trying to solve. A series of slides outlining the paradigm change you’ve undergone, your startup’s business model, its route to market, its product validation and its predicted financials for the next five years should then be included. As a final touch, include an explanation of how potential investors may get in touch with you on a slide that defines your need for investment.

tasks_2021_2xOutsource Pitch Deck Designing

VCs may appear to base all of their choices on figures, but a well-designed pitch deck may capture their interest and keep it for an extended period of time. If you’re not good at creating compelling pitch decks for startups, outsource the job to someone who is. It will cost you money, but it is well worth it to hire an expert to design it for you so that it is appealing and well-organized. Consider this: the amount you invest on pitch deck design might produce incalculable returns if an Investor is compelled to call you after seeing it.

tasks_2021_2xMake it Unique & Keep making improvements to Pitch Deck

Pitch decks tailored to VCs’ preferences and expectations are the first step in generating excitement about your firm among investors. There’s no guarantee that a well-prepared pitch deck for a startup will yield results if your deck doesn’t make an impactful first impression on potential investors. Therefore,  Make your pitch deck better through adding new updates, improvements, and visuals.

 know to sell your story through your pitch deck


In short, you have to use all the above mentioned points so that VCs get more interested in what you have to offer. Contact our Pitch Deck Experts, if you wish to know more about how to sell your story through your pitch deck in India.

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